Where do you sit?

    The Spa-N-A-Box and Spa2go are extremely comfortable. The bottom is foam-padded and the seating is barrier-free so that you may sit where ever and however you would like. No one is created the same, therefore you are able to adjust so that the jets hit you just right!

How do I fill the spa?
    The spa can be filled using any garden hose. The rate of the fill will depend on the water pressure available... but customers should plan on about 1/2 hour. The spa holds approximately 280 gallons.

Can I put my spa on a deck?
    Yes, the spa can be placed on any level surface and there is no need for any special deck preparation. However, customers should understand that water weight is 8.33 lbs per gallon so the total filled water weight of the spa is about 2,350 lbs or 90 lbs per square foot loading.

How do I drain my spa?
    The spa can be drained in the back yard if there is no problem where the water goes simply by removing the power pack. Otherwise, it can be drained by using a small sump pump or by creating a siphon as described in the user's manual.

How do the jets work?
    The spa has 127 micro air jets. Using a patented design, a ring of air jets is welded into the liner of the spa. As an integral part of the spa, these jets are not adjustable. The 1.3 hp blower forces air through these micro-jets creating a turbo-wave massage action that massages the entire body. So you can sit anywhere in the tub and receive great jet action.

How is the spa assembled?
    The process for assembling the spa is simple: the outside panels slide together, the liner fits in place, and the power-pack then connects to the liner. A thermal locking cover and air bladder are included. The spa's individual components are not heavy, making the spa quite portable.

How does the spa heat?
    The spa heats up to 104*F (40*C). There is a 1000-watt stainless steel heater element in each unit. The spa will raise the temperature 1-2 degrees per hour. From setup to 104*F degrees, customers should allow 24 hours for optimum heating. The spa heater will maintain the temperature based on where the spa temperature is set digitally.

How long will it take to set up?
    The spa will take about 20-30 minutes to set up and then about 1/2 hour to fill with water. To heat the water, put the cover on and leave it heating for 24 hours and it will be at maximum temperature. To jump-start the heating, customers may add some hot water to start if they like.

Do I need any special electrical configuration or wiring?
    No, the spa uses any standard 110 volt 15-amp three-prong grounded outlet. (220 volt models are also available for European customers.) The cord is 10 feet long so the spa should be placed within 10 feet of the outlet. For safety, extension cords should not be used with the product.

What maintenance is needed?
    To extend the product life and for sanitary reasons, customers should regularly maintain the spa's simple filter and chemical system. Filters can be easily removed, cleaned, or replaced. This spa uses a bromine-based chemical system (not chlorine). Filters and chemical kits can be obtained directly from us.

Can I leave the spa outside?
    Yes, the spa can be placed outside or inside. Note that during winter months, however, the spa may have to work extra hard to maintain the heat.  These spas have been shipped to such cold weather climates as Alaska and Canada and do well year round.