Why portable Hot Tubs?

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Ah, the relaxation, the warmth, the socializing…that’s right the benefits of a hot tub! What if that feeling were portable? Well, now it is…

With Spa2Go, you can get the luxury of a hot tub without having to hire movers to haul it. The benefits of a portable hot tub are similar to a traditional model, but with even better additions.


The first benefit a Spa2Go has, over your heavier models, is obvious. It’s portable of course! No need to lock yourself into a specific location. Change up the scenery if you like.

Let’s say you have a fantastic space for your hot tub on the deck one month, but the sun is excruciating in the same spot the next. No problem, when the time comes, you can drain the tub and move to a new location.

Better Prices

Those who would love the relaxation and health benefits of a hot tub, but find prices too out there to swing, can buy a Spa2Go. Due to their lighter, more moveable materials, portable hot tubs are available at far more reasonable prices.

You can even purchase a portable tub with faux wood to give you the look of a traditional hot tub without the weight and cost!

Fast Setup

No need to have tub technicians come to your home. Portable tubs can be setup by do-it-yourselfers everywhere in around twenty minutes, saving you time and more money. No need for fancy electrical work either, as these “Spa-N-A-Box” runs off a regular house outlet.

Powerful micro-jets will relax and massage your body, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. Enjoy by yourself or grab a few friends as models can accommodate four to five people comfortably.

Spa2Go Canada is the number one source for portable spas available in Canada. Imagine, in less than 30 minute of receiving your portable tub, you could have your new spa all set up! The portable choice is a fantastic one!

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